9 Dec

My FINAL weekly summary!

This is my final weekly summary, this is kind of bitter sweet. This week I completed my final project. I compiled all of my videos, GIF’s, music, created images, and online images here.

Finally, I get to chase Bigfoot.


I also created a blog post for future ds106ers. You can view that here:

Advice.. for the future me.

This class has taught me some tremendous skills that I can use later in life with my career path of working with children. It was a successful semester and fun!

9 Dec

Advice.. for the future me.

Hi future ds106er! First let me start by saying don’t let this class intimidate you. It did for me in the beginning and it turned out to be my favorite class this semester. I actually looked forward to completing my final project! The most important thing to ALWAYS remember in this class is that procrastination is NOT your friend. Not at all. This is an extremely bad habit of mine (look at me doing the advice writing on the last night, maybe on day I will learn). This class does require work so if you’re waiting until last minute, you’re more than likely going to get stressed and overwhelmed. Have fun with what you do. I now have a new found love for video editing and bought photoshop for my own personal use outside of the class. Be creative and think outside of the box. When you open your mind and make things you think would be cool, you’ll have so much fun. Don’t be afraid to put your design ideas into the assignment bank! There were several assignments that I expanded and created my own (find an assignment I created and check it out)! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t, you might fall behind and that would be unfortunate. Also, be kind and help other people when they need it. You would be surprised what magic can happen when there are 2 minds working together. Lastly, don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. I did on one of my audio assignments about a frog and everyone I’ve showed it to has loved it. Be yourself!

Good luck ds106ers! You can do this! (:

9 Dec

Finally, I get to chase Bigfoot.

I wanted to make my final project something that I would really enjoy doing because we had to do it over a long span of time. I will also be honest in the fact that I did procrastinate with the final compilation of the whole thing and ran into some hiccups (because such is life). As I stated in an earlier blog post, I decided to incorporate writing, design, video, and photography because I am the best at these 4. I also wound up finding an epic song on youtube that I converted to an MP3 to use as the background music (I actually found 2 to use because my slideshow was longer than expected).

I decided that I would choose 10 places that I would love to travel to. I chose roughly 8 photos of each place (some more) and photoshopped Bigfoot into 2 of the photos from each place. A large part of my project was finding photos that had good visuals. This was something that we learned about early on so it took a little bit of refreshing to make sure I had quality photos to use. I thought that I was really really good at photoshop because of my other assignments that I had completed but learned that there is A LOT of room for improvement.

The next thing that I did was add some of the various assignment ideas to this one. I did a word cloud in the shape of a gorilla to fit the theme. I typed up all of the words that I could think would describe Bigfoot and incorporated them into the word cloud. Another piece that I used was the X-Ray Goggles to change online news sources to say various things about Bigfoot in the areas that I was “traveling” to and “hunting” Bigfoot’s steps. I had some previous assignments that I created through the semester also that I added into it because they fir the Bigfoot theme. The links to view these are listed here:





After all of this, I made a GIF of an animated Bigfoot to close out the video that I anticipated making. This was the easiest part for me.

On to the hardest part. Figuring out how to get my maps and GIF in a video format. I used Google Earth to show the travel plan. My “dream” for this assignment was to make the make virtual and have it zoom from place to place. If I couldn’t achieve this, I don’t think that I would be typing this up right now because I would have changed my project. I searched for HOURS online on how to save or convert a Google Earth video recording only to find out that you can’t about 5 hours into the research (always click the link you want to bypass because it doesn’t look pertinent). That’s when I started looking into screen recording tools and found out that my Macbook has the QuickTime Player option to record a video. I selected the area that I wanted to record and then typed on making a video of all the areas on my list. I also did this for my GIF as well. After I got my map video recorded, I edited the video into separate chunks so that I could places the photos I prepared in the correct places.

Next, I opened audacity and made a seamless MP3 of the 2 songs that I wanted to use because the video slideshow maker I used only allowed 1 song to be played and I didn’t want to loop the same song 4 times. This made it long enough for the duration of slideshow.

This is where compiling all of my work came into play. I used Stupeflix to compile my videos, photos, and MP3’s. This program was actually really cool because the possibilities are essentially endless. You can change the duration of the slides, the theme, add text, etc. The only complaints I have are not being able to add multiple MP3’s to play back to back and basically being forced to loop 1 song or merge MP3’s with an outside program like audacity and how long the saving process takes. Here is my finished product and I really hope you enjoy it!! Make sure you look for Bigfoot in the photos, you just might see him!

2 Dec

Working on the final project- part 2.

Last week was Thanksgiving break and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t filled with me working on my final project. Rather I relaxed and took time to clear my head. Believe it or not, this helped me with the project.

This week I buckled down and started finding photos of all of the amazing places around the world that I want to add to my travel bucket list. My cousin recently went traveling around Europe for 2 months so his photos gave me some inspiration! I decided that I wanted to edit myself into some of these photos, some with a comical stand point and some realistic. Maybe even make a news article as stated in a comment suggestion (which I have now started). I even thought that I would make it like I’m traveling and chasing big foot. Because if you really know me, you know that I like the idea of big foot. I want to give this assignment depth into other things rather than a slideshow on a map. I started doing research on how to do a “travel” type video where I have a map and the map zooms in to a point on a map and then my photo “slide show” starts. I have some really awesome leads on how I want to do it.

That’s where this coming week comes into play. This week I am going to compile all of the photos that I have together and start making it complete. I have some of my assignments that I am going to adapt and add into the project as well. I have gotten rather good at photoshop, so I am really excited to incorporate that into my work and to see what my final project will be in the end!

19 Nov

The beginning of the end..

This week was mainly composed of me brainstorming what I wanted to do with my final project. It’s harder than you’d think figuring out what you want to do because you have to find a way that you can incorporate 4 different media outlets into the project. I thought about telling a story, doing a compilation of all my work (like a blast from the past), and settled with my final thought which was traveling. This is something that I’m very passionate about because I want to travel the world more than anything. It’s one thing to see pictures of all the amazing sights out there, but actually going there is another.

The 4 elements I am going to incorporate into my final project are writing, design, video, and photography as these are the 4 things that I am most comfortable. I plan to do gifs, a slide show of everywhere I want to go on a map, word clouds, etc. But I plan to make a progression of my work. I want to do some lower level work in the beginning and “loop” the elements, gradually getting better as they go. This is how my work was so I feel that my final project should progress just like I did. This is my showcase of work and I wouldn’t be at the level that I am if I didn’t work hard. I will also add audio into my project to tie everything together, but this won’t be my main focus, the other elements will. I am also going to work on making a rough outline this weekend and will post for opinions once I gather my thoughts on what order I am going to do it in.

I’m excited to embark on this project and see what I can create with everything I have learned in this class.

11 Nov

The end is near.. But for now here’s week 11.

This week was fun and interesting. I took to the visual mash up assignments. I really enjoyed playing with Photoshop and saw my work growing by the end of the week, though there is still a lot that I don’t know how to do. This is something that I will continue to seek out and learn beyond this class. I learned about depth and blending and became a mater with making photos transparent, though I still am not sure how to do it in Photoshop even after watching tutorials.. Luckily I have Lunapic that never lets me down (even though it’s a little more difficult to use).

Here is my tutorial. You can say that I somewhat cheated because I had quite a few things that I had previously made with step by step photo instructions on how to complete it. I used my walk in the park blog post to illustrate the assignment of using sounds to narrate a story.

How to Take A Walk in the Park.

I will share my mashup assignments with you now!

I made a new logo here:

The New Whiskas.

Made Daryl Dixon and Johnny Depp best friends here:

We belong together.

Made my Katniss Everdean the Queen of the ocean here:

May the odds be ever in your favor.. Mermaid style

And mashed up my 3 favorite holidays here:

Holiday mashup!

Then there’s the remixes of Katniss here:

Stached! Remix style.

And a remix of my holiday’s:

Holiday mashup remixx!

And last but not least my tweets for the week:

Tweets for week 11!

11 Nov

How to Take A Walk in the Park.

I had previously created something that explains with photos how to create something in audacity. I didn’t know about the tutorial option to tag so I didn’t tag it but think this would help someone tremendously! Here is my previous post shared for a tutorial post!


This week I was given the challenge of creating my own short story with only sounds. No words were to be spoken. Luckily I was given the link to an awesome website with a lot of sound effect resources and you can find that resource here.

Next I had to brainstorm what I wanted to do for my short story.. then my dog barked. Suddenly I wanted to create a story around a dog bark. One of the sound effects that I always think about is walking so I wanted to incorporate that into my story plot as well. This is when the decision of “a walk in the park” came to mind, but I didn’t want it to end there. I wound up extending it to the walker getting back home after their walk!

Explaining the process of creating the story line will be a lot easier than it actually was. I was VERY intimidated by Audacity at first. But with a little practice it became A LOT easier than it originally was.

First I needed to upload my audio clips that I selected. This was done like so:


After I inserted all of my clips I was able to move them where I wanted them into the story sequence like so: (the little barbel with arrows on each side is what moves them.)


Once you get everything where you want it (you can have a lot more than 2 also) you can edit them. I became a HUGE fan of fade in and fade out. This really helped my transition from the sprinkler in the beginning and made it a lot easier on the ears (if you want to use the effects, make sure you swap back to your original cursor otherwise it will change the whole thing. But don’t worry because there is an undo button) Here are the effects I was able to play with:


After I did all of this, it was time to figure out how to save it. We were given another program to download so it was able to be converted to an MP3. If you want to download LAME yourself to convert audacity files, you can do so here.

After everything was saved, I uploaded it to my Soundcloud to share with everyone! I hope you all enjoy!



11 Nov

The New Whiskas.

This assignment was worth 4 stars originally but I found it to be worth only 2 bringing it down to 3 1/2 stars (overrated still). We had to take 2 logos and mash them together. The first thing that came to my mind is Whiskas cat food because I have 2 new additions to my family and feel like I am constantly buying cat food for them (though my preferred brand is friskies). I always go to Walmart to buy the food for them.

The Whiskas logo looks like this:


And the Walmart logo looks like this:


So I got the awesome idea to mesh them into one! I used Photoshop to create my new meshed logo. I hand painted my own version of the Whiskas cat head in Photoshop with the “brush tool” and made sure I selected a color as close to the Whiskas purple as I could. The I took the Walmart logo and made the background transparent through LunaPic. Once I had my cat head and Walmart logo ready to go, I layered them together in Photoshop. This was really easy to do which is why I didn’t really get the rating on this assignment.

Here is the logo I came up with!


11 Nov

We belong together.

I created an assignment in the assignment bank because I was inspired by a music assignment current in the bank. I initially rated it 3 stars because while it isn’t hard, it is somewhat time-consuming and someone came along and rated it 3 1/2 stars. So 3 1/2 stars it is I suppose. For this assignment, I wanted to take 2 famous actors that people love and impose them into one photo and actually make them look like they belong in the photo together. This involved Photoshop and Lunapic (are you surprised this is what I used? lol). I feel like I’m getting significantly better as using Photoshop because I am getting so much practice with it. Each time I do an assignment, I’m using new tools and making my works SO much better than the last!

So, I had to find 3 different photos. I searched for scary backgrounds on google and found what looked like an old, ominous, abandoned town. This was perfect for Johnny Depp and Daryl Dixon to star in (I don’t know Daryl’s real name, and I’m ok with that). Then I found 2 photos of my stars themselves. I wanted something that wasn’t going to mesh perfectly right away and needed some editing. Then, I removed the background of each of these photos. Once they were each pulled from their backgrounds I went over to Photoshop! I placed the background first to the town setting I found then started with Daryl. I felt like he was the more dominant but yet a backup guy at the same time. Then I placed Johnny Depp into the photo (again all of these photos were placed on separate layers). With Johnny I wanted to put him lower, appearing that he was the one leading. Then I took the eraser and edited some of the glare off of Johnny because it didn’t match Daryl. After they were both in there and I was satisfied I saved my work, but this wasn’t the end. I wanted it to really look like it was an old snap shot of them working together, similar to the photos in The Walking Dead. So I uploaded my edited work to LunaPic and chose the filter “sepiatone.” There were a ton of other filters I could have used, but this fit the part for me. Then I decided I wanted to make the border corners rounded to make it look like some of the old family photos that my grandmother has. This was done under borders and “rounded border.” I changed my border corner size to 100 and got my end project!

Let me know what you think!! It was fun to create! (:


11 Nov

Stached! Remix style.

For this remix assignment I was required to take work that I had already created and add mustaches on them. This was relatively simple because I had previously done all of the “hard” work and just needed to tweak a few things. I decided to “stache” 2 of my previous assignments to make it worth doing because it was so easy. I chose my Bigfoot poster and the movies poster assignment.

I used LunaPic to make the background of the mustache photos transparent- like I normally do. After this, I added new layers to the photo and made sure to put each mustache on its own. I resized and positioned until I felt it looked right and even recolored one of the mustaches on Bigfoot to make it pop more. And mission complete!

Hope you enjoy my remix of the photos I created below!

mustache bigfoot