10 Nov

May the odds be ever in your favor.. Mermaid style

For this assignment (3.5 stars) I had to take elements from different movies and movie posters and mash them into one. I decided to use Katniss Everdean from The Hunger Games as the new Queen of the sea because she had a photo from a movie poster that showed her in a Queen-like chair. Then I started thinking about different Kings in movies and the first thing that popped into my mind was King Triton from The Little Mermaid (this was my favorite movie growing up so I put Ariel in there too). Because I wanted to add a little bit more movie diversity, I decided to use the sea setting from Finding Nemo.

Putting everything together was fairly easy. I use Photoshop to do this but had to make the photo backgrounds transparent. I pulled a few tutorials online on how to use Photoshop to make a background transparent and it didn’t work. So I turned to my handy dandy website LunaPic and used the transparent tool to remove the background. After I removed the background from everything that needed to be removed, it was time to start layering. I added the background first and made sure it is where I wanted it to be centered. Then I started placing the images and editing the sizes of the photos to give them a little bit more dimension (longer, wider, etc.) I made sure to put each photo on its own layer so if something wasn’t right I could just delete and replace that image (I finally learned how to delete an image instead of starting over.. YAY!). Then I decided that something needed to be added to the poster so that it was 100% apparent what the story was. I toyed around with the different colors and fonts, length and size, and words.

My final poster is shown below! Are you team Katniss or Triton?!


10 Nov

Tweets for week 11!

This week we had to do 2 daily creates on Twitter. These are my 2:

I have a wine and red/gold themed kitchen (I love everything wine themed). I never thought it would come in handy for a still life photo for a class! Here is my “red themed” still life photo! Did you do one?

Here is another tweet we had the option to do. Does this look familiar? If it does, thats because I created it for another assignment earlier in the semester!

10 Nov

Holiday mashup!

For this assignment (4 stars) we had to use Photoshop or Pixlr to create a photo mashup of our 3 favorite holidays. For this I chose Christmas, Halloween, and The 4th of July. I chose to use Photoshop because I had already had the trial downloaded onto my computer. I had never used Photoshop to this extent before and it took a little bit to become aware of how to use the layers. There are some awesome tutorials online on how to use Photoshop layers that you can find here. I made sure all of my photos were transparent by using the Lunapic transparent tool found here. Then used the layers to add photos as needed in a separate layer until I was satisfied with my ending photo.

The second part of the assignment was to tell the story behind the masterpiece I created and why I created it. I love Halloween because it gives children, and even adults to be something that they life. I feel like it’s a time for everyone to be something they aspire to be, or just be plain silly. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone and not be yourself for one night. Then there Christmas. This is probably my favorite time of year. Not because of the gifts, but because of the family spirit and quality time that I get to spend with everyone. I feel like it puts everyone in a better mood and everyone is festive. Last but not least, The 4th of July. I love this day because my family usually gets together to cook out and spend more time together to celebrate America and commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 by the Continental Congress.

So below you will get to see my snowman decorated with all of my favorite holidays! I wanted to make sure I did enough work to constitute the star rating I got, so I made sure to add in enough and balance it out. More work for more stars. (:

I hope you enjoy my masterpiece!



10 Nov

Holiday mashup remixx!

This week I made the holiday mashup assignment (link to my assignment) for 4 stars and decided to remix it for the second part of our assignments this week! The mashup that I got was to think back to the sitcom “Happy Days” and either create a photo mashup from back in that time frame or add Fonz into a scene of something that I have already created. I chose to do the latter because I had already made a holiday mashup and thought it would be interesting to play with the layering features and add Fonz into it.

I wasn’t really aware of how to edit the layers and always found myself starting over from the beginning if I messed up. This made the original assignment somewhat lengthy because I messed up a few times. What a better way to figure out how to play with the layers impose Fonz into that photo than now! Right? It was actually super super easy to do. I literally clicked on the background layer and figured out how to unlock it so that I could put Fonz behind my Christmas tree so that the photo I chose of him would fit correctly and made sure you could see him giving his signature thumbs up in the background!

It looks like Fonz approves of my work! What do you think?!holiday2

4 Nov

Summing up week 10!

This week was geared towards more video editing. I really enjoyed working on all of this for a second week and I still haven’t been able to figure out my iMovie (my MacBook got a nasty virus on it last week from using a program to save a youtube video.. NIGHTMARE!! and I have to wipe and reload it which is a lengthy process). It’s still a huge learning process in angle and view. I have the lighting relatively down but figuring out camera position was hard for me. I had to enlist a camera guy who wasn’t exactly the greatest. Lesson learned! I will also be taking on the challenge of kinetic typography as well.. just because I like a challenge! (:

One of the assignments I chose to do was a montage for someone or something special.. I chose my dad. Check out my process and video montage of my fathers life’s highlights here:

Finding someone special..

Another assignment that I chose to do was one that I created. I found one called 30 second documentary and couldn’t make mine in 30 seconds. It took about 2 mins plus the added time for the intro and ending. See my assignment link and masterpiece here:

How to thread a serger..

The third assignment I did was a healthy vine. I came across the vine in the nick of time as I was making brussels sprouts that night. Find the most epic recipe and vine here:

Healthy Vines

And last but not least, my tweets!! (BEWARE: there IS pumpkin spice mentioned)

Tweet Tweet, it’s week 10!


4 Nov

How to thread a serger..

For this (4 stars) I had to make a 2 minute documentary of something. I actually created this assignment based on a spin off of another assignment. I couldn’t make my documentary in 30 seconds so why not have a longer version! Wether you are showing how to make something, how to do a job, doing something that you’re really good or really bad at, or even trying something new. The thing is that you cannot talk about what you’re doing, you have to show it.

Because I love sewing, I thought that I would make a documentary about how to thread my brother 1034D serger. This was something that was difficult for me to learn how to do when I got this machine because it’s rather complex. There was only one good video out there that showed me where thread actually goes when threading the machine.

For the process, I had to record my video. I made sure I had adequate lighting and good positioning of my phone for the camera. After I recorded my video I needed to remove the audio because there was some background noise. I uploaded it to one of my favorite apps called Dubme on my phone (easy because I was using my phone to record the video) and did a voice over on the whole video. Then I went in and turned all of the volumes down so that it was silent per my instructions. I used another app called Wordswag to make my into and ending photo. Then I opened the 2 photos and video up in an app called Splice to bring it all together and edited the transitions to make it flow. What I ended with is what you see below! I wish the video was closer up so you could actually see where the thread was going but my camera guy wasn’t that great lol!

I hope you enjoy!


4 Nov

Healthy Vines

The Healthy Vine Challenge (4 stars) became easier as I played with it. I thought it would be super simple but did come across some hiccups (surprise). The point of the assignment was to take 3 – 2 second videos making a healthy food. Coming across the assignment was extremely lucky for me because I had plans to make brussels sprouts last night. Ok. You’re probably making a disgusted face if you are like me and had a bad experience with them when you were younger (being made to eat them raw.. EW) but you cannot go through life without making this recipe. It’s absolutely delicious and doesn’t make the brussels sprouts taste bitter like they do raw.

Anyways, back to talking about the assignment. This was somewhat challenging for me because I had to pour seasoning and oil onto them and then mix, put them in the oven and pour and mix again. I wanted the video to show the basics of each step but with only getting 2 seconds for each clip, that wasn’t attainable. There was no outside editing in another program as everything could be completed in vine, which was nice and there is a tutorial on how to make a vine. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that it didn’t teach me how to upload predone videos and I had to click buttons until I found the right button.

Making the actual vine assembly was easy after I figured out how to shorten the videos and move them to the point that I wanted. There was a white bar on the right hand side that you can slide then you actually take the video clip and slide it around in the space you are given to the clip part you want. I didn’t realize this at first and couldn’t figure out how to get it to the point that I wanted.

After all of this was done and I was satisfied with what I had, I posted it! I made sure to add it to the food section too!

Let me know what you think and if you decide to try it, post your thoughts on the flavor!


3 Nov

Tweet Tweet, it’s week 10!

This week we had to complete 3 tweets. The three I chose are below!

Lady luck. Because who doesn’t need someone that is unseen sprinkling luck on them for ds106?!

Make a gif of someone or something walking? Click the link below to see the cool gif I made with this cool YouTube video.

I haven’t really liked anything pumpkin spice until this year. YUMMMM.

3 Nov

Finding someone special..

For the Special Person Montage Assignment (5 stars) I had to pick someone or something that is very special to me. I immediately thought of my grandmother but flash into the quick realization that I don’t have nearly as many photographs of her as I would like. This brings me to the thought of my father. He has always been there for me, so it would be nice to create a memoir of some of his memories throughout his life (which means I’ll have to make one for my mom too, because they’re both pretty special).

What made me pick my dad is not only the fact that he is my father, but the fact that he is literally always there for me. We would always do fun things together and wouldn’t just sit around and blow time away. We would go to indy car races, West Moreland state park and go shark tooth hunting, to the lake, to the river, etc. These were great memories being built that I won’t forget. He also supports most of my decisions and lets me know when he doesn’t think something is too smart, but supports it anyways. He was there for all of my important moments like my first college graduation, and if he couldn’t make it (elementary and highschool graduation) he would make sure that he was able to talk to me right before and after. He made growing up in a broken home bearable.

I tried to download Smilebox onto my computer but it didn’t work quite like it was supposed to (my adobe is apparently out of date and isn’t downloading like it should be..) so I hit the drawing board for another idea of what I could use to create a video of photos with music (still working on figuring out iMovie).

I actually wound up finding an app called Slidelab. It allowed me to add all of the photos that I either created (I used my very loved app called Wordswag for creating the title pages and ending page) or had of my father. After this I was able to choose my slide time and decide how long I wanted each photo to show. Then I was able to edit the music that they played. I actually went with the stock music because I thought it was really fitting of his personality and it meshed good with the photos. After I completed the slide show video, I uploaded it to my YouTube and shared the link here!

One of the things I wish I would have paid a little bit more attention to was the ending. I wish I would have faded out the music so it isn’t such an abrupt stop.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my video montage!


28 Oct

Week 9 Weekly Summary!

This week was fun and very interesting learning about reading videos. I found that some of the creating was harder than I thought it would be. I completely underestimated the work load for this week and found myself cutting it down by the wire.. but I got it done. I won’t be waiting until last minute next week knowing what video editing is about now.

Here is a quick recap of my events for week 9:

Week 9 Tweets:

Tweeting for week 9!

A video assignment of something that I do daily:

What do you do daily?

A tutorial of something crafty: how to sew a rice bag (because I’m a natural born sewer):

How to make a rice bag!

A tutorial of anything else or a life hack. I consider french braiding both. Anything else AND a life hack:

French Braid Tutorial!

And last but not least.. MY VIDEO ESSAY! This was the hardest because even after watching the videos for this week and doing the assigned readings, it’s still hard to describe the way that something makes you feel. So I hope it isn’t too horrible and you can stand to sit through it (lol):

Video essay for Breaking Dawn