28 Oct

Video essay for Breaking Dawn

For my video essay, I chose the notorious love story of Edward Cullen and Bella. Immediately upon learning about this assignment I thought of the scene where Bella had just gave birth and was in the process of changing into a vampire. Because she unconscious, we don’t know this right away.

For the process of this, I struggled.. and bad. I couldn’t figure out how to save the youtube video clip I found on my computer. Frustrating to say the least. I found several different places on the internet that said they would work.. and now my macbook is riddled with spam pop ups and apps that I can’t get to go away. I’ll save that for another day though.

For the actual editing once I got the video saved using http://keepvid.com/, I saved it to my iCloud and used an app on my phone to do the voiceover. I used Dubme for the voice over. It also had the option to lower the video music which I found was nice. I couldn’t figure out how to work iMovie, but have made it a personal goal to figure out how to work the voiceover on it.

Here is my video essay! I hope you enjoy!

28 Oct

French Braid Tutorial!

For this assignment I had to create a tutorial for something. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be because it was hard to find the correct video height, lighting, and an idea. I chose to french braid my cousins hair (this was her idea, not mine. So thank you Kristi). I apologize in advance for my super messy craft room, I am in the middle of a massive quilting project.

I used the same process that I used for the craft tutorial. I recorded my video then used Splice to put an “intro” video in the beginning of the completed project. This helped the transition nicely. Then I used Dubme to turn the volume on the actual recording down (we talk a lot and I well at her to keep her head still lol) and record my voice over instructions for the tutorial.

It isn’t good at all. If I would redo it, I would move a little bit slower in the video. I felt myself not being able to accurately describe what needed to be done because I was moving so so fast. That way people can follow along a little slower. I feel like that is an important factor in tutorial videos.

Here is my tutorial! I hope you enjoy it!

28 Oct

How to make a rice bag!

For this assignment I had to create an arts and crafts tutorial on how to make something. This caught my eye because I have a sewing business and make children’s clothing, bedding (quilts), and some items for adults. I thought that it would be a really cool experience. It was a lot harder than I had expected. This assignment is rated 3 1/2 stars and I feel like it should potentially be a 4 star of you don’t have any experience doing this. The thought is to make a video and then create a voice over explaining the process.

I have a tripod so I went ahead and got it set up in my sewing room so that the graphics were good but feel like my positioning could be better. There were times that I went out of frame and it was hard to see what I was doing. I had several video clips that I needed to mash into one video. I used the Splice app on my phone to edit them together and make the transitioning. Everything I did was on my phone. I was able to cut clips smaller and edit out parts that I didn’t think I needed.

Next I used an app called Dubme to do the voice over. There was an option to reduce the video sound so I chose to turn my video sound all the way down and record over it. Then you actually watch the video while you record the sound. This was hard for me because while I created the video it was hard to know when you had to be finished saying what you needed to say before the next part needed to be said. I found myself tripping over my words and having to start over more than once and still did it on my finished video.

Once the voice over was finished, I saved the video to my phone photo library and then uploaded it to youtube.

It isn’t the greatest, but here is my first ever sewing tutorial! I hope you enjoy!

28 Oct

What do you do daily?

I chose to complete the video assignment “What do you do?” for 4.5 stars. This was a little over-rated in my opinion because this was simple to create with minimal editing. The only “complicated” part was deciding what to do because there are a ton of things that get done every day. We had to create a short video showing something that we do on a daily. Because my life is relatively non-exciting(work, school, and animals are consuming), I chose to make a video on doing dishes. Why not do some homework AND get house chores done too, right?!

I have a mini-tripod that I used to position my phone next to the sink so that it was stationary and wouldn’t fall into my sink (could you imagine?!) and then pressed record. I wound up recording my whole entire dishwashing “session” because I didn’t want to get my phone wet and wanted quite a bit of time to choose what I thought was the “most interesting” part of the dishwashing experience. (haha.. -__-)

I went into the editing feature on my phone (iPhone 7) and cropped it down to the smallest portion that it would allow (11 seconds) and then saved my clip as a new video. After this, I uploaded it to my youtube app on my phone and attached the link below!

I hope you enjoy me washing my dishes! lol!

28 Oct

Tweeting for week 9!

As week 9 comes to an end, I am here to share my tweets for this week!

My mother was the first born in America. Her mother was born in England so I have a lot of family still over in England. My dream is to go and visit everyone over there! The photos I find are so gorgeous!

A big active learning example was the groups we formed for our radio shows. I used my favorite app called “wordswag” to create the photo below!

Theres basically a meme on the internet for every single topic.. EVER!

22 Oct

Summary of the half way point

This week launched the middle of the semester.. We’re half way there guys! It also got us back on track to doing assignments again like normal since we submitted our radio shows that were played this week. We had to participate in a live tweet along again, those things are pretty cool. Here is a quick recap of the things that I did this past week:

You can find my tweets and the story I made connecting them all here:

Story of the Tweets- and the tweets


We had to do some web assignments too! I chose the “digital tool” assignment because I wanted to share a website that I find to be extremely helpful in almost every single aspect of photo editing AND very very user friendly. See what its about here:

Digital tools for everyone!!

I also chose to make a personality quiz on BuzzFeed. It was more challenging than I thought it would be but was easy once I got the hang of it. Check it out and take the quiz here:

Take the spirit animal quiz!

For this assignment, I had to change a webpage and make it kind of like a resume. I specifically skipped this assignment after trying to work it for over an hour with no success. BUT finally figured it out! See my progress and modified Joanns webpage here:

Amber’s Web Story:

I reflected on my favorite radio show here:

Radio Show Reflection

And discussed which 3 DS106 assignments I found to be my “favorite” and why I found them to be the “best” here:

DS106 “Bests”

I am glad that week 8 is over and we are moving on to week 9! Lets power on!

22 Oct

Amber’s Web Story:

For this assignment I had to change a webpage and make it kind of like a resume. I did this by using the X-ray Goggles feature available for free on the web. I will say that this was tricky for me because I could not for the life of me, figure out how to change the picture. I played around with it for a while trying to do a web assignment and gave up. It made me extremely unhappy to come onto the weekly assignments page and learn that I had to figure out how to do it anyways.

Because I couldn’t figure it out, I took to google. I asked “how to change a photo using x-ray google” and found this awesome link. It didn’t just teach me how to figure out the photo thing, but it taught me how to edit other pieces of the webpages too. This was a HUGE help.

From here, I changed all of the little details on one of my favorite shopping pages: Joann Fabrics. My life consists of a lot of fabrics, so I thought it was fitting to adjust that shopping site to tell a few interesting details about myself.

I made sure I paid particular attention to small details and made sure to change them to funny, interesting facts/statements, but left some things there because fabrics and creativity are a big part of my current life.

You can check out my creation below via the screenshots or the link provided here.

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-10-06-15-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-10-06-22-pm

Please feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think!



22 Oct

Radio Show Reflection

My favorite radio show that was able to listen to was History 2.0, One of my favorite aspects about this show was the call in setup.

Their transitions were phenomenal, the volume was a pretty consistent level (considering it was a “call in” set up, and had different but smooth sounding voices. The woman that spoke (i’ll call her the narrator) had a very pleasing voice. One of my complaints about a few of the other radio shows that I had was the volume level. I struggled to hear what was being said even with my volume all the way up in a silent room. This left me feeling defeated and I somewhat didn’t want to listen to them because I didn’t want to struggle.

Another one of the really awesome things that I liked about this radio show was the commercials.

They had a ton of thought into them and sounded like real commercials!

The history itself was also really cool to listen to. It was very apparent that this group put a lot of time and effort into creating this show and they did an amazing job. There isn’t one thing that I would change about it.

22 Oct

DS106 “Bests”

I define “best” in this context as being something that is creative and not what I would normally think or dream of doing. Someone who can take a project that seems complex but explain it in a way that is beautiful and seems easy. Someone that can make me want to try new editing processes (whatever that may be). Someone who did something that made me say “wow” or burst out in laughter.

One of my favorite logos was from… (drum roll) HISTORY 2.0! I thought that the layering and use of the photos was extremely clever and they didn’t take the easy way out! They actually put thought into a really awesome logo! Good job!

History 2.0 Logo

For the second assignment I chose the blog post below because I thought that this took a lot of time and thought. I didn’t even know that the Australian rock group, “The Vines” sang the song “Ms. Jackson” because I had only ever heard it rapped by Outkast. I classified this as the best because it went outside of the box and showed me something that I never knew and found interesting.

I am for Real

And I saved the best “best” for last. I really liked this blog post. While it was an easy assignment that she had chosen, I really liked that she explained why she chose that. I liked the simple. I liked the explanation. I liked the openness. I liked the personal feeling she put into it. Her post was inspiring and although the work was “easy” to her, it was stunning to see afterwards.

Tattoos 4Life

22 Oct

Take the spirit animal quiz!

This week I chose the web assignment Buzzfeed personality quiz (4.5 stars). This was somewhat challenging for me because I have never created something like this but decided to give it a shot. Trying to decide what you want to make your quiz about is challenging when you actually start thinking about it.

I had to create a Buzzfeed account. There are several options for signing up for one and it is pretty self-explanatory


Once I got my account created I had to figure out how to post:


After finding out how to post (this was the easy part) I had to figure out how to make it a quiz. This took me about 5 mins, even though it was right in front of my face:


Once you click on personality (thats what this assignment required) and set up your quiz name and make a description, you can make your results. This was the easiest part for me:


Then you make your questions. This may sound simple, but unless you are super creative or have an outline predone, it’s hard to come up with ideas of what to ask:


Then you select your answer format and put your answers in and chose with result you want to connect them to:



Once I learned all of the logistics and where the options were, it was rather simple (I wasn’t really in a creative mood so the topic threw me!).

Take my quiz and find out what your spirit animal is! Are you a cat, dog, or horse? (animal images are original to my sweet furr babies!)

What is your spirit animal Buzzfeed quiz.