7 Oct

Fear of rain

For this assignment I had to edit sounds into audacity to show an emotion. We were required to mash up at least 4 sounds to achieve this. I chose to create someone who has a fear of rain. I started by making the sound of a storm. I used http://freesound.org to find the sound of rain and thunder and mashed them together and moved the timing around for the cracks of thunder. I also made sure this faded in an out for a nice transition and to make sure it didn’t scare the person who was listening!

Then it was time to create my person. I used Freesound.org again to find a person crying (thank you person!) and found the perfect one. After this, I recorded my self sniffling because I couldn’t find something that fit just perfect. I made sure the man faded in nicely for a good transition again and then added my sniffles into his pauses making for a perfect mash up of fearful crying.

Then I found chattering teeth to place into the sound mash up for a small added effect and played with the gain so it wasn’t too overbearing and didn’t take over the piece.

Everything I did in this sound clip I was already familiar with (somewhat at least) but thought it would be handy to keep doing and getting better with (mainly transitions) because editing our radio show could really come in handy. We will need to make sure there are smooth transitions, nice sound effects that feel like they’re happening at the time it is played and not added later, and emotion that tells the story. I feel like I achieved this here. Not to mention I love playing with audacity! (:


Please feel free to give me any opinions on this soundcloud clip below! I hope you enjoy!

Fear of rain