23 Sep

Late for work because of ds106!

This assignment is rather similar to my last but was fun to do! I had to have a telephone conversation with myself and change the pitch and other effects to make it sound like I was talking to someone that wasn’t me on the other end. I will say that this was very awkward to do. Have you ever tried to talk to yourself in a full blown conversation? Sure we all do it occasionally, but most don’t so it like this.

So I’ll begin to narrate what I did for this assignment. Sorry if you read my last post and some of it sounds redundant.

I found a telephone ringing sound from freesound and edited it down to 2 rings by selecting what I didn’t want to be there anymore and simply clicked delete on my keyboard.

Then I worked on changing my pitch and added a few little effects here and there to try and make it sound like it wasn’t me on both ends.

After this, I cropped out the long awkward pauses that I left during the recording (try making a conversation with yourself and NOT feeling awkward at some point and leaving a weird pause).

That’s when I was left with my masterpiece! DS106 made my character “Amber” late for work 2 weeks in a row because Amber found it SO interesting (audio editing is fun..).

Hopefully you enjoy it! Honest opinions welcome! (: