23 Sep


For this assignment I had to record a 911 phone call. There weren’t really any stipulations aside from having two different voices. I didn’t really have anyone handy at the time I was creating this so I decided to play with audacity and change the pitch of my own voice and create what sounds like 2 different people. It wasn’t challenging at all and was pretty easy. The most time-consuming part of this assignment was deleting my extra long pauses and deciding what to make the 911 skit about. My biggest fear is of frogs. So because of this, frogs it is! Could you imagine coming home to a frog on your front porch?! YIKES!

For editing the pitch, I selected which “persons” line it was and went into effects:


Once in “change pitch” I selected the frequency that I felt fit my character the best. The lower the number, the lower the voice and there was a preview button to play around with it until it was perfect:


For deleting my unnecessary pauses, I selected the area I didn’t want there anymore and simply clicked the delete button on my keyboard.

Here is the 911 phone call I created! Hope you enjoy!