7 Oct


I’m sure you’re starting to read this blog post and thinking “great. Someone else did this incredibly easy assignment because it was rated 4.5 stars and they’re getting away with it.” For me, this was anything but easy and I still didn’t get it the way I really wanted it. So I will explain my failed process and show you what I managed to make.. because life isn’t always full of successes, they’re almost always followed by some type of failures.

I chose the song Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. (Who doesn’t like a classic) I thought it would be a cool song to hear in b-flat. My first problem, how do I get this in mp3 form? I found this awesome website that will convert a soundcloud or youtube track to mp3s. you can find that here: http://anything2mp3.com/

Once I got that saved to my computer, I uploaded it to audacity. I couldn’t find vocals only or just the instrumentals so I set to trying to separate it in audacity.

If you click the drop down menu that my cursor is over, it gives you the option. I found an awesome tutorial here:



This didn’t work. Im not sure why either to be honest. I chalked this up as a failure and moved to a new way.

Here I went to the option effect and scrolled down to Vocal Reduction and Isolation:


And found Isolate Vocals.



This didn’t work for me. I wound up spending 45+ minutes trying to figure this out before it defeated me (oh, but this isn’t the end. I will win this battle one day..)


So I changed the whole song to A#/Bb:



Here is what I got: (sound cloud kept getting flagged and taken down so I directly uploaded to here) It sounds SO different! My intention was to keep the instrumentals the same and only change the vocals. if anyone has any tips and tricks, I’d be interested in hearing them!