22 Sep

A walk in the park..

This week I was given the challenge of creating my own short story with only sounds. No words were to be spoken. Luckily I was given the link to an awesome website with a lot of sound effect resources and you can find that resource here.

Next I had to brainstorm what I wanted to do for my short story.. then my dog barked. Suddenly I wanted to create a story around a dog bark. One of the sound effects that I always think about is walking so I wanted to incorporate that into my story plot as well. This is when the decision of “a walk in the park” came to mind, but I didn’t want it to end there. I wound up extending it to the walker getting back home after their walk!

Explaining the process of creating the story line will be a lot easier than it actually was. I was VERY intimidated by Audacity at first. But with a little practice it became A LOT easier than it originally was.

First I needed to upload my audio clips that I selected. This was done like so:


After I inserted all of my clips I was able to move them where I wanted them into the story sequence like so: (the little barbel with arrows on each side is what moves them.)


Once you get everything where you want it (you can have a lot more than 2 also) you can edit them. I became a HUGE fan of fade in and fade out. This really helped my transition from the sprinkler in the beginning and made it a lot easier on the ears (if you want to use the effects, make sure you swap back to your original cursor otherwise it will change the whole thing. But don’t worry because there is an undo button) Here are the effects I was able to play with:


After I did all of this, it was time to figure out how to save it. We were given another program to download so it was able to be converted to an MP3. If you want to download LAME yourself to convert audacity files, you can do so here.

After everything was saved, I uploaded it to my soundcloud to share with everyone! I hope you all enjoy!


A walk in the park..