9 Sep

All about Summer Sails


Back story:

Summer Sails has been teaching Preschool classes at her local daycare for about 3 years now. Before landing this job she bounced back and forth between several retail jobs. She has a knack for being around people and is great at customer service! She was top of her class and had her CDA upon graduating high school. She is from a lower class family and started working her Sophmore year to help make ends meet. She moved to Wyoming when she was finished high school for a fresh start.


Summer is rather tall, marking in at 5’9. She is naturally brown-haired with green eyes, but prefers being a blonde. Summer loves wearing sweat pants just about anywhere she goes, but also knows how to dress the part and maintain a professional appearance when needed. Summer feels that having a uniform at her work stifles her creativity and personality and doesn’t like that aspect of her career. If she can wake up early enough in the morning, she generally likes to do something nice with her hair and put on make up. Nothing too spectacular though, usually just eyeliner and mascara and running a straightener though or throwing some gel in and creating bouncy curls.


Summer has a very “summery” personality. She is always bubbly and happy even when she isn’t feeling well. She has an optimistic outlook on life. Some descriptive words for her are: adventurous, amicable, compassionate, conscientious, enthusiastic
exuberant, kind, loyal, modest, passionate, patient, rational, reliable, warmhearted, amongst more.


Horses, dogs, birds, cats, the color orange, Dr. Pepper, Mac and cheese, smarties, garlic, decisiveness, Mystery/murder stories, horror movies, dramas, friends, family, fall, Twilight saga, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, chocolate, cool weather, baths.


Anger, snoody people, the color brown, Brussel sprouts, coughing sneezing, memorizing things, fill in the blank quizzes, failing at things, when people underestimate her, car troubles, super hot weather, cleaning.

Summer’s place:

Summer has a very unique place in the world. She doesn’t want children but has a huge passion for helping them. Summer is planning to be an emergency foster-mother for children that are abruptly moved from their home in the middle of the night. She wants to be that safe haven where they have somewhere to lay their head at night. Summer doesn’t really like partying anymore, so she has focused her life to going back to school and being admitted to the University of Mary Washington’s teaching program in Virginia. She wants to become an elementary school teacher for a little while, then teach secondary schooling at a local high school, then ultimately become a professor there one day. One of her final goals in life will be traveling and hiking Mount Everest.


I somewhat related Summer to myself in the aspect of the same job line. Summer is so much more dedicated and has a defined path in life whereas I have recently changed what I am headed for career wise. I also share the interest in potentially becoming a safe haven for children who are removed from their home in the middle of the night. There would be nothing worse than having a child cold and afraid in a strange environment. I admire Summer because she knows 100% where she is going in life and works hard to achieve those tasks!