11 Nov

Stached! Remix style.

For this remix assignment I was required to take work that I had already created and add mustaches on them. This was relatively simple because I had previously done all of the “hard” work and just needed to tweak a few things. I decided to “stache” 2 of my previous assignments to make it worth doing because it was so easy. I chose my Bigfoot poster and the movies poster assignment.

I used LunaPic to make the background of the mustache photos transparent- like I normally do. After this, I added new layers to the photo and made sure to put each mustache on its own. I resized and positioned until I felt it looked right and even recolored one of the mustaches on Bigfoot to make it pop more. And mission complete!

Hope you enjoy my remix of the photos I created below!

mustache bigfoot

10 Nov

Holiday mashup remixx!

This week I made the holiday mashup assignment (link to my assignment) for 4 stars and decided to remix it for the second part of our assignments this week! The mashup that I got was to think back to the sitcom “Happy Days” and either create a photo mashup from back in that time frame or add Fonz into a scene of something that I have already created. I chose to do the latter because I had already made a holiday mashup and thought it would be interesting to play with the layering features and add Fonz into it.

I wasn’t really aware of how to edit the layers and always found myself starting over from the beginning if I messed up. This made the original assignment somewhat lengthy because I messed up a few times. What a better way to figure out how to play with the layers impose Fonz into that photo than now! Right? It was actually super super easy to do. I literally clicked on the background layer and figured out how to unlock it so that I could put Fonz behind my Christmas tree so that the photo I chose of him would fit correctly and made sure you could see him giving his signature thumbs up in the background!

It looks like Fonz approves of my work! What do you think?!holiday2