4 Nov

How to thread a serger..

For this (4 stars) I had to make a 2 minute documentary of something. I actually created this assignment based on a spin off of another assignment. I couldn’t make my documentary in 30 seconds so why not have a longer version! Wether you are showing how to make something, how to do a job, doing something that you’re really good or really bad at, or even trying something new. The thing is that you cannot talk about what you’re doing, you have to show it.

Because I love sewing, I thought that I would make a documentary about how to thread my brother 1034D serger. This was something that was difficult for me to learn how to do when I got this machine because it’s rather complex. There was only one good video out there that showed me where thread actually goes when threading the machine.

For the process, I had to record my video. I made sure I had adequate lighting and good positioning of my phone for the camera. After I recorded my video I needed to remove the audio because there was some background noise. I uploaded it to one of my favorite apps called Dubme on my phone (easy because I was using my phone to record the video) and did a voice over on the whole video. Then I went in and turned all of the volumes down so that it was silent per my instructions. I used another app called Wordswag to make my into and ending photo. Then I opened the 2 photos and video up in an app called Splice to bring it all together and edited the transitions to make it flow. What I ended with is what you see below! I wish the video was closer up so you could actually see where the thread was going but my camera guy wasn’t that great lol!

I hope you enjoy!