9 Dec

My FINAL weekly summary!

This is my final weekly summary, this is kind of bitter sweet. This week I completed my final project. I compiled all of my videos, GIF’s, music, created images, and online images here.

Finally, I get to chase Bigfoot.


I also created a blog post for future ds106ers. You can view that here:

Advice.. for the future me.

This class has taught me some tremendous skills that I can use later in life with my career path of working with children. It was a successful semester and fun!

2 Dec

Working on the final project- part 2.

Last week was Thanksgiving break and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t filled with me working on my final project. Rather I relaxed and took time to clear my head. Believe it or not, this helped me with the project.

This week I buckled down and started finding photos of all of the amazing places around the world that I want to add to my travel bucket list. My cousin recently went traveling around Europe for 2 months so his photos gave me some inspiration! I decided that I wanted to edit myself into some of these photos, some with a comical stand point and some realistic. Maybe even make a news article as stated in a comment suggestion (which I have now started). I even thought that I would make it like I’m traveling and chasing big foot. Because if you really know me, you know that I like the idea of big foot. I want to give this assignment depth into other things rather than a slideshow on a map. I started doing research on how to do a “travel” type video where I have a map and the map zooms in to a point on a map and then my photo “slide show” starts. I have some really awesome leads on how I want to do it.

That’s where this coming week comes into play. This week I am going to compile all of the photos that I have together and start making it complete. I have some of my assignments that I am going to adapt and add into the project as well. I have gotten rather good at photoshop, so I am really excited to incorporate that into my work and to see what my final project will be in the end!

19 Nov

The beginning of the end..

This week was mainly composed of me brainstorming what I wanted to do with my final project. It’s harder than you’d think figuring out what you want to do because you have to find a way that you can incorporate 4 different media outlets into the project. I thought about telling a story, doing a compilation of all my work (like a blast from the past), and settled with my final thought which was traveling. This is something that I’m very passionate about because I want to travel the world more than anything. It’s one thing to see pictures of all the amazing sights out there, but actually going there is another.

The 4 elements I am going to incorporate into my final project are writing, design, video, and photography as these are the 4 things that I am most comfortable. I plan to do gifs, a slide show of everywhere I want to go on a map, word clouds, etc. But I plan to make a progression of my work. I want to do some lower level work in the beginning and “loop” the elements, gradually getting better as they go. This is how my work was so I feel that my final project should progress just like I did. This is my showcase of work and I wouldn’t be at the level that I am if I didn’t work hard. I will also add audio into my project to tie everything together, but this won’t be my main focus, the other elements will. I am also going to work on making a rough outline this weekend and will post for opinions once I gather my thoughts on what order I am going to do it in.

I’m excited to embark on this project and see what I can create with everything I have learned in this class.

11 Nov

The end is near.. But for now here’s week 11.

This week was fun and interesting. I took to the visual mash up assignments. I really enjoyed playing with Photoshop and saw my work growing by the end of the week, though there is still a lot that I don’t know how to do. This is something that I will continue to seek out and learn beyond this class. I learned about depth and blending and became a mater with making photos transparent, though I still am not sure how to do it in Photoshop even after watching tutorials.. Luckily I have Lunapic that never lets me down (even though it’s a little more difficult to use).

Here is my tutorial. You can say that I somewhat cheated because I had quite a few things that I had previously made with step by step photo instructions on how to complete it. I used my walk in the park blog post to illustrate the assignment of using sounds to narrate a story.

How to Take A Walk in the Park.

I will share my mashup assignments with you now!

I made a new logo here:

The New Whiskas.

Made Daryl Dixon and Johnny Depp best friends here:

We belong together.

Made my Katniss Everdean the Queen of the ocean here:

May the odds be ever in your favor.. Mermaid style

And mashed up my 3 favorite holidays here:

Holiday mashup!

Then there’s the remixes of Katniss here:

Stached! Remix style.

And a remix of my holiday’s:

Holiday mashup remixx!

And last but not least my tweets for the week:

Tweets for week 11!

4 Nov

Summing up week 10!

This week was geared towards more video editing. I really enjoyed working on all of this for a second week and I still haven’t been able to figure out my iMovie (my MacBook got a nasty virus on it last week from using a program to save a youtube video.. NIGHTMARE!! and I have to wipe and reload it which is a lengthy process). It’s still a huge learning process in angle and view. I have the lighting relatively down but figuring out camera position was hard for me. I had to enlist a camera guy who wasn’t exactly the greatest. Lesson learned! I will also be taking on the challenge of kinetic typography as well.. just because I like a challenge! (:

One of the assignments I chose to do was a montage for someone or something special.. I chose my dad. Check out my process and video montage of my fathers life’s highlights here:

Finding someone special..

Another assignment that I chose to do was one that I created. I found one called 30 second documentary and couldn’t make mine in 30 seconds. It took about 2 mins plus the added time for the intro and ending. See my assignment link and masterpiece here:

How to thread a serger..

The third assignment I did was a healthy vine. I came across the vine in the nick of time as I was making brussels sprouts that night. Find the most epic recipe and vine here:

Healthy Vines

And last but not least, my tweets!! (BEWARE: there IS pumpkin spice mentioned)

Tweet Tweet, it’s week 10!


28 Oct

Week 9 Weekly Summary!

This week was fun and very interesting learning about reading videos. I found that some of the creating was harder than I thought it would be. I completely underestimated the work load for this week and found myself cutting it down by the wire.. but I got it done. I won’t be waiting until last minute next week knowing what video editing is about now.

Here is a quick recap of my events for week 9:

Week 9 Tweets:

Tweeting for week 9!

A video assignment of something that I do daily:

What do you do daily?

A tutorial of something crafty: how to sew a rice bag (because I’m a natural born sewer):

How to make a rice bag!

A tutorial of anything else or a life hack. I consider french braiding both. Anything else AND a life hack:

French Braid Tutorial!

And last but not least.. MY VIDEO ESSAY! This was the hardest because even after watching the videos for this week and doing the assigned readings, it’s still hard to describe the way that something makes you feel. So I hope it isn’t too horrible and you can stand to sit through it (lol):

Video essay for Breaking Dawn

22 Oct

Summary of the half way point

This week launched the middle of the semester.. We’re half way there guys! It also got us back on track to doing assignments again like normal since we submitted our radio shows that were played this week. We had to participate in a live tweet along again, those things are pretty cool. Here is a quick recap of the things that I did this past week:

You can find my tweets and the story I made connecting them all here:

Story of the Tweets- and the tweets


We had to do some web assignments too! I chose the “digital tool” assignment because I wanted to share a website that I find to be extremely helpful in almost every single aspect of photo editing AND very very user friendly. See what its about here:

Digital tools for everyone!!

I also chose to make a personality quiz on BuzzFeed. It was more challenging than I thought it would be but was easy once I got the hang of it. Check it out and take the quiz here:

Take the spirit animal quiz!

For this assignment, I had to change a webpage and make it kind of like a resume. I specifically skipped this assignment after trying to work it for over an hour with no success. BUT finally figured it out! See my progress and modified Joanns webpage here:

Amber’s Web Story:

I reflected on my favorite radio show here:

Radio Show Reflection

And discussed which 3 DS106 assignments I found to be my “favorite” and why I found them to be the “best” here:

DS106 “Bests”

I am glad that week 8 is over and we are moving on to week 9! Lets power on!

7 Oct

Week 6 Recap

This week was fun- mainly because we dealt with more audio editing with audacity.

Here are all my assignments in audacity this week totaling 10 stars:

What my day sounds like..


Fear of rain

Some of these were a lot easier than others and all of them helped me get more experience under my belt and become more comfortable with audacity.

Next was the daily creates on twitter:

TDC tweets

Every week gets a little more interesting (;

Now we have the creation of the bumper sticker creation for the ds106 radio talk show:

Radio talk show bumper sticker!

This was another fun thing to experience! I’ve never made a bumper sticker before!

And finally a reflection on the progress of our radio show! Not 100% where I’d like to be but feel that it will be accomplished during the group meeting. Read more here:

Radio show progress: week 1


All and all this was a fun week! And ill add that my procrastination still isn’t getting any better! (and comments, comments, comments were part of this weeks work of mine as well!)

30 Sep

Week 5: In the rearview mirror

This week was fun. We got to experiment with several different design elements, some of which were a little challenging but not as challenging as last week.

As always, we had our daily challenges. The hardest one was finding an app to add speech blimps to a photo of my dog! They don’t have many free apps for it! This week I did 4 tweets instead of the required 3:

Twitter Tweets: Week 5!


There were several assignments that I completed in the visual assignment bank.

The first required to find a still from my favorite movie and add a quote from that movie. My favorite movie is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and I chose a photo of Jack and Sally and one of their quotes. You can read about the process and view my final project here:

A Nightmare..

Another assignment was creating a simple but detailed logo and explain the process. This wasn’t something that was new to me, but it still didn’t make it easy on me! i found the process enlightening and learned about the different concepts in making a professional looking logo! See you finished work and process here:

Logo? Lets go!

Creating a wordcloud was a pretty cool assignment. It was really cool to create a collage of words and tamper with the sizing, layout, color, etc. See my process here:


And yes, this week I created an avatar of myself. I’ll leave you pondering on what that looks like and lead you to this link to check it out:

The Amber Avatar!

Another thing I had to do this week was a designblitz. This was really fun to do because it made me think about what I’m taking a photo of. I wasn’t just snapping away:


There were also 2 reading that I had to do. My favorite was Show Your Work! I found this writing very insightful. You can read my thoughts here:

Creating your work.

My final reading/assignment for the week wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, but wasn’t my favorite. I tend to procrastinate when I don’t want to do something, and that’s what happened here. But I got it done and you can now enjoy my thoughts on the reading here:

Thoughts about design.