30 Sep

Thoughts about design.

The Vignelli Canon was a really good read. In this blog post, I will touch base and reflect on what I found to the most meaningful and interesting aspects of his writing.

One of the things I pulled from this article was the very first point, semantics. You have to have understanding of what you are doing in all aspects of it. If you don’t understand it, you cannot expect others to. This ties into the intellectual elegance. When writing this, I accidentally wrote intelligence instead of elegance. This is hand in hand with one another. The intelligence of the piece is what makes it elegant. Discipline is another important piece of creating because it is the attention to detail and the parameters in which we operate. You also need to make sure that your work has ambiguity. This is a form of vagueness with the potential of being read in different ways but creating the same outcome. It was mentioned that this helps or hurts the work as a whole because while it needs to be ambiguous, it needs to have one design, not many. “Visual strength is an expression of intellectual elegance and should never be confused with just visual impact.” This was one of my favorite quotes from this reading because it describes what “art” should be. What we are creating in our blogs is art, no matter how you really see it. People will come and appreciate this work time and time again and it’s somewhat “timeless.” There were roles that stood out to me as well. They were listed in this sequence: to ourselves, to the client, to the public.

This article shows many more aspects of designing, but I found this as the foundation and basis. Without these, there isn’t much to go on and there is a risk to not have your work “idolized” and viewed by others as a “masterpiece.” I think that this is something that we should all work on incorporating into our work, no matter what it is, because it is so versatile and can me used in writing, crafting, drawing, etc.

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