9 Dec

Advice.. for the future me.

Hi future ds106er! First let me start by saying don’t let this class intimidate you. It did for me in the beginning and it turned out to be my favorite class this semester. I actually looked forward to completing my final project! The most important thing to ALWAYS remember in this class is that procrastination is NOT your friend. Not at all. This is an extremely bad habit of mine (look at me doing the advice writing on the last night, maybe on day I will learn). This class does require work so if you’re waiting until last minute, you’re more than likely going to get stressed and overwhelmed. Have fun with what you do. I now have a new found love for video editing and bought photoshop for my own personal use outside of the class. Be creative and think outside of the box. When you open your mind and make things you think would be cool, you’ll have so much fun. Don’t be afraid to put your design ideas into the assignment bank! There were several assignments that I expanded and created my own (find an assignment I created and check it out)! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t, you might fall behind and that would be unfortunate. Also, be kind and help other people when they need it. You would be surprised what magic can happen when there are 2 minds working together. Lastly, don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. I did on one of my audio assignments about a frog and everyone I’ve showed it to has loved it. Be yourself!

Good luck ds106ers! You can do this! (:

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