9 Sep

Bailey, the funny snow bunny


If you haven’t gathered it by now, I love my dog. Her name is Bailey and she’s the worlds greatest snow bunny. So for the assignment “Animals Doing Funny Things” I figured what a better opportunity than making a GIF of Bay playing in the snow. It’ll warm your heart and make you chilled from the snow at the same time. I’ll never understand how dogs can stay so warm and have so much fun in the snow for such a prolonged period of time. She also reminds me of the road runner fromĀ Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote when she shoves her head into the snow.


Onto the process of building this GIF. It literally took a jiff! I uploaded my video to YouTube and uploaded my live video link to makeagif.com. After the video was uploaded I was able to select how long I want it to run and when I wanted it to start. It was fun to play with (full of giggles) and super easy! Go make a GIF today!

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