29 Sep

Creating your work.

While reading the chapter “Think Process, Not Product” I gained a lot of insight on sharing what I create. This works in more ways of life than just written work. I have a personal sewing business and create my own clothing. I used to share my process, from the beginning to the end. I see how people would engage and “like” what I was doing. I believe chapter 2 from Show Your Work! relates to the designblitz because even though people enjoy seeing the finished product, they’re always interested in the process. They like seeing the mess-ups, the tears, the separate steps, and the successes.

I enjoyed reading chapter 3, Share something small, every day. I can relate to this because I’m always asked “where do you find the time?!” My response is always “if you really love something and enjoy doing it, you’ll make the time.” This is something that I always try to do. Life wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t make time for what you enjoy. I learned to take more photos of the process. Show everyone what mess I’m making in the process, what’s keeping me going, what’s my drive. This can be related to the designblitz because you can share the process of your photos as you go. They don’t have to be perfect, they can be bad, blurry, over exposed, etc. Just share what you’ve done.

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