30 Sep


I had to do another designblitz assignment using photos and relate them to elements of photography such as color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism & use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity. Of these I chose:

Proportion: I feel this is an effective photo for proportion because you can see where the main focus is in relation to other objects. There is great visual depth in this photo.


Rhythm: I really liked this photo to describe the feeling of rhythm. This photo has the flowing element giving it the sense of movement. You know that the fence continues on past the photo. This can also be a form of closure (when your mind finishes the photo).


Color: Believe it or not, this photo was taken with no filters. There was a caterpillar crawling in the barn and I decided to get on the floor and get a close up! I took lighting into account, which helps the color of the caterpillar pop and the background stays more muted. This is by far my favorite photo.


Dominance: This photo does a good job showing dominance. Your eyes aren’t immediately drawn to the water, which normally would have been the focus. Instead, they are drawn to the grass and plants surrounding the water. It shows the space and perspective of the photo.



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