22 Oct

DS106 “Bests”

I define “best” in this context as being something that is creative and not what I would normally think or dream of doing. Someone who can take a project that seems complex but explain it in a way that is beautiful and seems easy. Someone that can make me want to try new editing processes (whatever that may be). Someone who did something that made me say “wow” or burst out in laughter.

One of my favorite logos was from… (drum roll) HISTORY 2.0! I thought that the layering and use of the photos was extremely clever and they didn’t take the easy way out! They actually put thought into a really awesome logo! Good job!

History 2.0 Logo

For the second assignment I chose the blog post below because I thought that this took a lot of time and thought. I didn’t even know that the Australian rock group, “The Vines” sang the song “Ms. Jackson” because I had only ever heard it rapped by Outkast. I classified this as the best because it went outside of the box and showed me something that I never knew and found interesting.

I am for Real

And I saved the best “best” for last. I really liked this blog post. While it was an easy assignment that she had chosen, I really liked that she explained why she chose that. I liked the simple. I liked the explanation. I liked the openness. I liked the personal feeling she put into it. Her post was inspiring and although the work was “easy” to her, it was stunning to see afterwards.

Tattoos 4Life

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