14 Oct

ds106 Radio talk show progress

Week 7 was an interesting week. The group had to come together to get the radio show done and we managed to make it work by the deadline. This wasn’t an easy process to say the least. We wound up agreeing on a topic when we met Sunday evening and set up another meeting for Tuesday in the Convergence Center. Tuesday was the original deadline we set to have our spoken parts done by. Then we were going to create the intro, conclusion, and the commercials together but plans changed. We moved the spoken deadline to Thursday morning but still recorded everything else we needed to. There was absolutely some communication issues between myself and another member, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be worked out.

After everything was recorded, everyone emailed me what they had on their computers (everything was all over the place and not on one computer) and I compiled all of the sound tracks into audacity Thursday night. I adjusted the gain on several of them when they were hard to hear (or even too loud) to somewhat make it uniformed and mesh well together. I added the sound of a bell before the trivia questions were asked (something fun we came up with) and played with a lot of the effects that audacity had to offer. My favorites were the fade in/out, click remover, noise reduction, and change speed. And of course the usual moving tool and deleting.

Without the fade in/out, the piece would have been really rough and would have had transitions that were less than desirable. This process took me about 4 hours to complete to get it to a point that I felt would be good to submit, though there is still more that could probably be done to it.

All and all this was a cool experience!

You can hear our radio show here.

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