9 Dec

Finally, I get to chase Bigfoot.

I wanted to make my final project something that I would really enjoy doing because we had to do it over a long span of time. I will also be honest in the fact that I did procrastinate with the final compilation of the whole thing and ran into some hiccups (because such is life). As I stated in an earlier blog post, I decided to incorporate writing, design, video, and photography because I am the best at these 4. I also wound up finding an epic song on youtube that I converted to an MP3 to use as the background music (I actually found 2 to use because my slideshow was longer than expected).

I decided that I would choose 10 places that I would love to travel to. I chose roughly 8 photos of each place (some more) and photoshopped Bigfoot into 2 of the photos from each place. A large part of my project was finding photos that had good visuals. This was something that we learned about early on so it took a little bit of refreshing to make sure I had quality photos to use. I thought that I was really really good at photoshop because of my other assignments that I had completed but learned that there is A LOT of room for improvement.

The next thing that I did was add some of the various assignment ideas to this one. I did a word cloud in the shape of a gorilla to fit the theme. I typed up all of the words that I could think would describe Bigfoot and incorporated them into the word cloud. Another piece that I used was the X-Ray Goggles to change online news sources to say various things about Bigfoot in the areas that I was “traveling” to and “hunting” Bigfoot’s steps. I had some previous assignments that I created through the semester also that I added into it because they fir the Bigfoot theme. The links to view these are listed here:





After all of this, I made a GIF of an animated Bigfoot to close out the video that I anticipated making. This was the easiest part for me.

On to the hardest part. Figuring out how to get my maps and GIF in a video format. I used Google Earth to show the travel plan. My “dream” for this assignment was to make the make virtual and have it zoom from place to place. If I couldn’t achieve this, I don’t think that I would be typing this up right now because I would have changed my project. I searched for HOURS online on how to save or convert a Google Earth video recording only to find out that you can’t about 5 hours into the research (always click the link you want to bypass because it doesn’t look pertinent). That’s when I started looking into screen recording tools and found out that my Macbook has the QuickTime Player option to record a video. I selected the area that I wanted to record and then typed on making a video of all the areas on my list. I also did this for my GIF as well. After I got my map video recorded, I edited the video into separate chunks so that I could places the photos I prepared in the correct places.

Next, I opened audacity and made a seamless MP3 of the 2 songs that I wanted to use because the video slideshow maker I used only allowed 1 song to be played and I didn’t want to loop the same song 4 times. This made it long enough for the duration of slideshow.

This is where compiling all of my work came into play. I used Stupeflix to compile my videos, photos, and MP3’s. This program was actually really cool because the possibilities are essentially endless. You can change the duration of the slides, the theme, add text, etc. The only complaints I have are not being able to add multiple MP3’s to play back to back and basically being forced to loop 1 song or merge MP3’s with an outside program like audacity and how long the saving process takes. Here is my finished product and I really hope you enjoy it!! Make sure you look for Bigfoot in the photos, you just might see him!

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