3 Nov

Finding someone special..

For the Special Person Montage Assignment (5 stars) I had to pick someone or something that is very special to me. I immediately thought of my grandmother but flash into the quick realization that I don’t have nearly as many photographs of her as I would like. This brings me to the thought of my father. He has always been there for me, so it would be nice to create a memoir of some of his memories throughout his life (which means I’ll have to make one for my mom too, because they’re both pretty special).

What made me pick my dad is not only the fact that he is my father, but the fact that he is literally always there for me. We would always do fun things together and wouldn’t just sit around and blow time away. We would go to indy car races, West Moreland state park and go shark tooth hunting, to the lake, to the river, etc. These were great memories being built that I won’t forget. He also supports most of my decisions and lets me know when he doesn’t think something is too smart, but supports it anyways. He was there for all of my important moments like my first college graduation, and if he couldn’t make it (elementary and highschool graduation) he would make sure that he was able to talk to me right before and after. He made growing up in a broken home bearable.

I tried to download Smilebox onto my computer but it didn’t work quite like it was supposed to (my adobe is apparently out of date and isn’t downloading like it should be..) so I hit the drawing board for another idea of what I could use to create a video of photos with music (still working on figuring out iMovie).

I actually wound up finding an app called Slidelab. It allowed me to add all of the photos that I either created (I used my very loved app called Wordswag for creating the title pages and ending page) or had of my father. After this I was able to choose my slide time and decide how long I wanted each photo to show. Then I was able to edit the music that they played. I actually went with the stock music because I thought it was really fitting of his personality and it meshed good with the photos. After I completed the slide show video, I uploaded it to my YouTube and shared the link here!

One of the things I wish I would have paid a little bit more attention to was the ending. I wish I would have faded out the music so it isn’t such an abrupt stop.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my video montage!


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