28 Oct

French Braid Tutorial!

For this assignment I had to create a tutorial for something. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be because it was hard to find the correct video height, lighting, and an idea. I chose to french braid my cousins hair (this was her idea, not mine. So thank you Kristi). I apologize in advance for my super messy craft room, I am in the middle of a massive quilting project.

I used the same process that I used for the craft tutorial. I recorded my video then used Splice to put an “intro” video in the beginning of the completed project. This helped the transition nicely. Then I used Dubme to turn the volume on the actual recording down (we talk a lot and I well at her to keep her head still lol) and record my voice over instructions for the tutorial.

It isn’t good at all. If I would redo it, I would move a little bit slower in the video. I felt myself not being able to accurately describe what needed to be done because I was moving so so fast. That way people can follow along a little slower. I feel like that is an important factor in tutorial videos.

Here is my tutorial! I hope you enjoy it!

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