28 Oct

How to make a rice bag!

For this assignment I had to create an arts and crafts tutorial on how to make something. This caught my eye because I have a sewing business and make children’s clothing, bedding (quilts), and some items for adults. I thought that it would be a really cool experience. It was a lot harder than I had expected. This assignment is rated 3 1/2 stars and I feel like it should potentially be a 4 star of you don’t have any experience doing this. The thought is to make a video and then create a voice over explaining the process.

I have a tripod so I went ahead and got it set up in my sewing room so that the graphics were good but feel like my positioning could be better. There were times that I went out of frame and it was hard to see what I was doing. I had several video clips that I needed to mash into one video. I used the Splice app on my phone to edit them together and make the transitioning. Everything I did was on my phone. I was able to cut clips smaller and edit out parts that I didn’t think I needed.

Next I used an app called Dubme to do the voice over. There was an option to reduce the video sound so I chose to turn my video sound all the way down and record over it. Then you actually watch the video while you record the sound. This was hard for me because while I created the video it was hard to know when you had to be finished saying what you needed to say before the next part needed to be said. I found myself tripping over my words and having to start over more than once and still did it on my finished video.

Once the voice over was finished, I saved the video to my phone photo library and then uploaded it to youtube.

It isn’t the greatest, but here is my first ever sewing tutorial! I hope you enjoy!

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