9 Sep

Logic or Peril?

“A Logic Named Joe: The 1946 sci-fi short that nailed modern tech” was an interesting read to say the least. Murray Leinster created something called “logic” which I relate with the internet today. The machine “Joe” was created to help people in their homes with their everyday lives and provide entertainment at the same time. It had keys that allowed you to punch in exactly what you wanted to know. More of a convenience for things that aren’t commonly known or predictable, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Murray Leinster predicted the internet today in his writing. While it can be extremely helpful, it can also be deadly and has the ability to destroy a society. Whatever you want to know can be typed into google and found. Murray Leinster also states that there are things that “Joe” can do that is unknown. This is like the internet today, constantly growing and maturing into cool new things. Its very adaptive with society and the modern needs.

Murray Leinster was very bright of a man to discover the idea of the internet before the internet even knew it existed!


You can Murray Leinster’s story here and be amazed for yourself!


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