28 Sep

Logo? Lets go!

This week I chose the assignment where we had to create a logo that was detailed but yet simple at the same time. I found this interesting because I have my own sewing business and used it as an opportunity to potentially revamp my public image!

I used free logo services to create my personal logo.

It was very simple and the website walked me through it. Here I entered what I wanted my logo to say and which Category I wanted it to be centered on.


Then I chose which logo I liked the best.


Then you select the layout of the design:


Once you select which layout you like, you get to change the coloring here:


Then you can make it however you like! (color, positioning, etc.)



Here are some of my examples:

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This is my old logo:



I see here that coloring and design makes a HUGE difference in the logo and can make a business look a lot more professional than having one designed in paint!

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