9 Sep

One strong women

Dear mom,

Words cannot express how big of an impact you’ve had on my life and as I sit here writing this letter to you, I cannot help but get teary eyed thinking back to all our memories, good or bad. You have endured more things in your life and managed to end up stronger than you were the day before. You’re my greatest role model enduring your multiple back surgeries and still being a mother. Dealing with all the shenanigans that Michael and I both put you through. Maintaining your cool when you probably shouldn’t have. Making sure that we had what we wanted before you had what you needed. We didn’t always live a lavish life and we struggled. You never let us see you cry, stress, or feel like you wanted to give up. The memory that comes to mind is one Christmas in particular. Yes, there were years when the whole living room was cram packed with presents so tall you could barely see the tree and we would spend hours opening those presents. But the one that stands out the most to me was the year Michael and I got one present each. You hid them on the tree somewhere so that we would spend a little bit more time because there wasn’t anything else to open. Michael got the dog tags he wanted and I got a pink heart ring. My first real ring from a jewelry store. I know that you felt down and sad for not being able to provide more for us, but honestly I don’t really remember anything I got any other year (minus one other when I was with my dad and you mailed them to me) except this because of the meaning this had for me. It wasn’t all of the material things that you got me that made me love you and admire you.. it was simply you. Thank you for not being the “easy-going” mom that some of my friends had. Where would I be today if that was you? Probably not where I am now. Thank you for teaching me responsibility. Thank you for the doggy love of my life, Bailey (she’s one of the best gifts in the world). Thank you for being strong when any right-minded person would give up and break down. Thank you for listening to me vent when you have issues of your own that I’m sure you’d like to vent to someone about. Thank you for trusting me and calling me crying when you DO need to vent. Thank you for being the mom you are. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

Another trait I admire about you is the immense strength you possess. Between losing your mother and your father the way you did, both of your kids moving 1,000 miles away, then losing Russell you hold your head high every day. I could only hope that I have even a fraction of the strength you have in life.

I’ve never truly told you how much I appreciate you. I know I’ve done a lot in life to make you mad (like my belly button piercing shenanigan back in high school) but I admire the unconditional love you give me every day.

So the point of this letter is to tell you that I love you and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

-Amber Lynn (aka punkie doodle doo)

One thought on “One strong women

  1. You are the most amazing and beautiful young woman and daughter a mother could ever be blessed with!
    You have made me proud in most of everything you do. Of all the miracles in the world in my opinion you are one of Gods greatest, and he chose, trusted and blessed me with the honor of you!!

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