7 Oct

Radio show progress: week 1

This week has been a new experience. I’ve never been required to work in an group based on an online class for something like this radio show. I find that sometimes its hard to work with people you have never met and don’t know their personality.

This week I have learned that communication is key. We haven’t made a ton of progress and I would ideally like to be a lot further than we are but we have a meeting set up for this Sunday at 10am. I feel like we can get most of the project done then and in person.

So far we have the name (I picked something quick with the intention of going back and changing it after collaborating with the group- once I created a group- but that didn’t happen and that’s ok) and the topic of “what did you do before the internet?” We will basically talk about creativity before the internet and apps we have today. How did we do things anti-digital?

I like this topic because I feel like it will get the listeners thinking about what they did before the internet took over basic creativity and expanded it to what it is today. Back when things were slightly simpler and sometimes easier to achieve. I also hope that this can possibly create a connection between the listeners and our radio show. Maybe they did the same thing and this is like a blast to the past for them!

This is basically where we are as a group and I hope to remedy this this Sunday!

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