22 Oct

Radio Show Reflection

My favorite radio show that was able to listen to was History 2.0, One of my favorite aspects about this show was the call in setup.

Their transitions were phenomenal, the volume was a pretty consistent level (considering it was a “call in” set up, and had different but smooth sounding voices. The woman that spoke (i’ll call her the narrator) had a very pleasing voice. One of my complaints about a few of the other radio shows that I had was the volume level. I struggled to hear what was being said even with my volume all the way up in a silent room. This left me feeling defeated and I somewhat didn’t want to listen to them because I didn’t want to struggle.

Another one of the really awesome things that I liked about this radio show was the commercials.

They had a ton of thought into them and sounded like real commercials!

The history itself was also really cool to listen to. It was very apparent that this group put a lot of time and effort into creating this show and they did an amazing job. There isn’t one thing that I would change about it.

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