7 Oct

Radio talk show bumper sticker!

This week I created a bumper sticker for the ds106 Radio talk show. This was by far the easiest assignment I had this week. I decided to use this website to create my bumper sticker and make it my own. They had a lot of predesigns with a lot of details on them.


Once you chose what you want your base design to be, you select it and it brings you to the page to edit it. I really liked the sunset city sticker because I feel like it brings out the true personality of the talk show and makes ds106 radio talk show seem like its the “talk of the city.”

Here is the editing page and everything you can change:


I played with the colors for a while until I found 2 for the background and the rays that just screamed “THIS IS IT!!”


Here is my final piece below! Hope you enjoy it and it entices you to listen to the ds106 radio talk show!


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