22 Oct

Summary of the half way point

This week launched the middle of the semester.. We’re half way there guys! It also got us back on track to doing assignments again like normal since we submitted our radio shows that were played this week. We had to participate in a live tweet along again, those things are pretty cool. Here is a quick recap of the things that I did this past week:

You can find my tweets and the story I made connecting them all here:

Story of the Tweets- and the tweets


We had to do some web assignments too! I chose the “digital tool” assignment because I wanted to share a website that I find to be extremely helpful in almost every single aspect of photo editing AND very very user friendly. See what its about here:

Digital tools for everyone!!

I also chose to make a personality quiz on BuzzFeed. It was more challenging than I thought it would be but was easy once I got the hang of it. Check it out and take the quiz here:

Take the spirit animal quiz!

For this assignment, I had to change a webpage and make it kind of like a resume. I specifically skipped this assignment after trying to work it for over an hour with no success. BUT finally figured it out! See my progress and modified Joanns webpage here:

Amber’s Web Story:

I reflected on my favorite radio show here:

Radio Show Reflection

And discussed which 3 DS106 assignments I found to be my “favorite” and why I found them to be the “best” here:

DS106 “Bests”

I am glad that week 8 is over and we are moving on to week 9! Lets power on!

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