4 Nov

Summing up week 10!

This week was geared towards more video editing. I really enjoyed working on all of this for a second week and I still haven’t been able to figure out my iMovie (my MacBook got a nasty virus on it last week from using a program to save a youtube video.. NIGHTMARE!! and I have to wipe and reload it which is a lengthy process). It’s still a huge learning process in angle and view. I have the lighting relatively down but figuring out camera position was hard for me. I had to enlist a camera guy who wasn’t exactly the greatest. Lesson learned! I will also be taking on the challenge of kinetic typography as well.. just because I like a challenge! (:

One of the assignments I chose to do was a montage for someone or something special.. I chose my dad. Check out my process and video montage of my fathers life’s highlights here:

Finding someone special..

Another assignment that I chose to do was one that I created. I found one called 30 second documentary and couldn’t make mine in 30 seconds. It took about 2 mins plus the added time for the intro and ending. See my assignment link and masterpiece here:

How to thread a serger..

The third assignment I did was a healthy vine. I came across the vine in the nick of time as I was making brussels sprouts that night. Find the most epic recipe and vine here:

Healthy Vines

And last but not least, my tweets!! (BEWARE: there IS pumpkin spice mentioned)

Tweet Tweet, it’s week 10!


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