22 Oct

Take the spirit animal quiz!

This week I chose the web assignment Buzzfeed personality quiz (4.5 stars). This was somewhat challenging for me because I have never created something like this but decided to give it a shot. Trying to decide what you want to make your quiz about is challenging when you actually start thinking about it.

I had to create a Buzzfeed account. There are several options for signing up for one and it is pretty self-explanatory


Once I got my account created I had to figure out how to post:


After finding out how to post (this was the easy part) I had to figure out how to make it a quiz. This took me about 5 mins, even though it was right in front of my face:


Once you click on personality (thats what this assignment required) and set up your quiz name and make a description, you can make your results. This was the easiest part for me:


Then you make your questions. This may sound simple, but unless you are super creative or have an outline predone, it’s hard to come up with ideas of what to ask:


Then you select your answer format and put your answers in and chose with result you want to connect them to:



Once I learned all of the logistics and where the options were, it was rather simple (I wasn’t really in a creative mood so the topic threw me!).

Take my quiz and find out what your spirit animal is! Are you a cat, dog, or horse? (animal images are original to my sweet furr babies!)

What is your spirit animal Buzzfeed quiz.

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