11 Nov

The end is near.. But for now here’s week 11.

This week was fun and interesting. I took to the visual mash up assignments. I really enjoyed playing with Photoshop and saw my work growing by the end of the week, though there is still a lot that I don’t know how to do. This is something that I will continue to seek out and learn beyond this class. I learned about depth and blending and became a mater with making photos transparent, though I still am not sure how to do it in Photoshop even after watching tutorials.. Luckily I have Lunapic that never lets me down (even though it’s a little more difficult to use).

Here is my tutorial. You can say that I somewhat cheated because I had quite a few things that I had previously made with step by step photo instructions on how to complete it. I used my walk in the park blog post to illustrate the assignment of using sounds to narrate a story.

How to Take A Walk in the Park.

I will share my mashup assignments with you now!

I made a new logo here:

The New Whiskas.

Made Daryl Dixon and Johnny Depp best friends here:

We belong together.

Made my Katniss Everdean the Queen of the ocean here:

May the odds be ever in your favor.. Mermaid style

And mashed up my 3 favorite holidays here:

Holiday mashup!

Then there’s the remixes of Katniss here:

Stached! Remix style.

And a remix of my holiday’s:

Holiday mashup remixx!

And last but not least my tweets for the week:

Tweets for week 11!

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