11 Nov

We belong together.

I created an assignment in the assignment bank because I was inspired by a music assignment current in the bank. I initially rated it 3 stars because while it isn’t hard, it is somewhat time-consuming and someone came along and rated it 3 1/2 stars. So 3 1/2 stars it is I suppose. For this assignment, I wanted to take 2 famous actors that people love and impose them into one photo and actually make them look like they belong in the photo together. This involved Photoshop and Lunapic (are you surprised this is what I used? lol). I feel like I’m getting significantly better as using Photoshop because I am getting so much practice with it. Each time I do an assignment, I’m using new tools and making my works SO much better than the last!

So, I had to find 3 different photos. I searched for scary backgrounds on google and found what looked like an old, ominous, abandoned town. This was perfect for Johnny Depp and Daryl Dixon to star in (I don’t know Daryl’s real name, and I’m ok with that). Then I found 2 photos of my stars themselves. I wanted something that wasn’t going to mesh perfectly right away and needed some editing. Then, I removed the background of each of these photos. Once they were each pulled from their backgrounds I went over to Photoshop! I placed the background first to the town setting I found then started with Daryl. I felt like he was the more dominant but yet a backup guy at the same time. Then I placed Johnny Depp into the photo (again all of these photos were placed on separate layers). With Johnny I wanted to put him lower, appearing that he was the one leading. Then I took the eraser and edited some of the glare off of Johnny because it didn’t match Daryl. After they were both in there and I was satisfied I saved my work, but this wasn’t the end. I wanted it to really look like it was an old snap shot of them working together, similar to the photos in The Walking Dead. So I uploaded my edited work to LunaPic and chose the filter “sepiatone.” There were a ton of other filters I could have used, but this fit the part for me. Then I decided I wanted to make the border corners rounded to make it look like some of the old family photos that my grandmother has. This was done under borders and “rounded border.” I changed my border corner size to 100 and got my end project!

Let me know what you think!! It was fun to create! (:


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