30 Sep

Week 5: In the rearview mirror

This week was fun. We got to experiment with several different design elements, some of which were a little challenging but not as challenging as last week.

As always, we had our daily challenges. The hardest one was finding an app to add speech blimps to a photo of my dog! They don’t have many free apps for it! This week I did 4 tweets instead of the required 3:

Twitter Tweets: Week 5!


There were several assignments that I completed in the visual assignment bank.

The first required to find a still from my favorite movie and add a quote from that movie. My favorite movie is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and I chose a photo of Jack and Sally and one of their quotes. You can read about the process and view my final project here:

A Nightmare..

Another assignment was creating a simple but detailed logo and explain the process. This wasn’t something that was new to me, but it still didn’t make it easy on me! i found the process enlightening and learned about the different concepts in making a professional looking logo! See you finished work and process here:

Logo? Lets go!

Creating a wordcloud was a pretty cool assignment. It was really cool to create a collage of words and tamper with the sizing, layout, color, etc. See my process here:


And yes, this week I created an avatar of myself. I’ll leave you pondering on what that looks like and lead you to this link to check it out:

The Amber Avatar!

Another thing I had to do this week was a designblitz. This was really fun to do because it made me think about what I’m taking a photo of. I wasn’t just snapping away:


There were also 2 reading that I had to do. My favorite was Show Your Work! I found this writing very insightful. You can read my thoughts here:

Creating your work.

My final reading/assignment for the week wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, but wasn’t my favorite. I tend to procrastinate when I don’t want to do something, and that’s what happened here. But I got it done and you can now enjoy my thoughts on the reading here:

Thoughts about design.

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