7 Oct

Week 6 Recap

This week was fun- mainly because we dealt with more audio editing with audacity.

Here are all my assignments in audacity this week totaling 10 stars:

What my day sounds like..


Fear of rain

Some of these were a lot easier than others and all of them helped me get more experience under my belt and become more comfortable with audacity.

Next was the daily creates on twitter:

TDC tweets

Every week gets a little more interesting (;

Now we have the creation of the bumper sticker creation for the ds106 radio talk show:

Radio talk show bumper sticker!

This was another fun thing to experience! I’ve never made a bumper sticker before!

And finally a reflection on the progress of our radio show! Not 100% where I’d like to be but feel that it will be accomplished during the group meeting. Read more here:

Radio show progress: week 1


All and all this was a fun week! And ill add that my procrastination still isn’t getting any better! (and comments, comments, comments were part of this weeks work of mine as well!)

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