28 Oct

Week 9 Weekly Summary!

This week was fun and very interesting learning about reading videos. I found that some of the creating was harder than I thought it would be. I completely underestimated the work load for this week and found myself cutting it down by the wire.. but I got it done. I won’t be waiting until last minute next week knowing what video editing is about now.

Here is a quick recap of my events for week 9:

Week 9 Tweets:

Tweeting for week 9!

A video assignment of something that I do daily:

What do you do daily?

A tutorial of something crafty: how to sew a rice bag (because I’m a natural born sewer):

How to make a rice bag!

A tutorial of anything else or a life hack. I consider french braiding both. Anything else AND a life hack:

French Braid Tutorial!

And last but not least.. MY VIDEO ESSAY! This was the hardest because even after watching the videos for this week and doing the assigned readings, it’s still hard to describe the way that something makes you feel. So I hope it isn’t too horrible and you can stand to sit through it (lol):

Video essay for Breaking Dawn

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