28 Oct

What do you do daily?

I chose to complete the video assignment “What do you do?” for 4.5 stars. This was a little over-rated in my opinion because this was simple to create with minimal editing. The only “complicated” part was deciding what to do because there are a ton of things that get done every day. We had to create a short video showing something that we do on a daily. Because my life is relatively non-exciting(work, school, and animals are consuming), I chose to make a video on doing dishes. Why not do some homework AND get house chores done too, right?!

I have a mini-tripod that I used to position my phone next to the sink so that it was stationary and wouldn’t fall into my sink (could you imagine?!) and then pressed record. I wound up recording my whole entire dishwashing “session” because I didn’t want to get my phone wet and wanted quite a bit of time to choose what I thought was the “most interesting” part of the dishwashing experience. (haha.. -__-)

I went into the editing feature on my phone (iPhone 7) and cropped it down to the smallest portion that it would allow (11 seconds) and then saved my clip as a new video. After this, I uploaded it to my youtube app on my phone and attached the link below!

I hope you enjoy me washing my dishes! lol!

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