7 Oct

What my day sounds like..

For this assignment (worth 3 stars) I had to record sounds of what I’ve heard throughout my day. There were some that I wish I would have recorded in time (boom of the quarry near my house was atrocious today).

For the process of this, I started with my iPhone 7. This is what I used to record some of my sounds (I cheated for 2 sounds on my “day” because I couldn’t get a clear recording. For this I used this website.) After I compiled a days worth of sounds, I uploaded them to audacity and used a lot of their editing tools to lump them together and transition them to one another. For more detailed information on the editing done here, please see my blog post: A walk in the park.

Narrated: 1. wake up to my alarm. 2. hear the sounds of my 2 dogs, 2 kittens, and 2 birds (only thing missing is my horse). 3. shower. 4. get in the car. 5. spend time at UMW. 6. have lunch. 7. go to work. 8. have dinner. 9. go to bed.


How do you spend your day and what do you hear throughout it? Hear mine below.


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