2 Dec

Working on the final project- part 2.

Last week was Thanksgiving break and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t filled with me working on my final project. Rather I relaxed and took time to clear my head. Believe it or not, this helped me with the project.

This week I buckled down and started finding photos of all of the amazing places around the world that I want to add to my travel bucket list. My cousin recently went traveling around Europe for 2 months so his photos gave me some inspiration! I decided that I wanted to edit myself into some of these photos, some with a comical stand point and some realistic. Maybe even make a news article as stated in a comment suggestion (which I have now started). I even thought that I would make it like I’m traveling and chasing big foot. Because if you really know me, you know that I like the idea of big foot. I want to give this assignment depth into other things rather than a slideshow on a map. I started doing research on how to do a “travel” type video where I have a map and the map zooms in to a point on a map and then my photo “slide show” starts. I have some really awesome leads on how I want to do it.

That’s where this coming week comes into play. This week I am going to compile all of the photos that I have together and start making it complete. I have some of my assignments that I am going to adapt and add into the project as well. I have gotten rather good at photoshop, so I am really excited to incorporate that into my work and to see what my final project will be in the end!

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